Dedication: Jeremy Piven may have met his girlfriend through a cattle call, but she's sticking by him during the "mercury" poisoning. Marc Jacobs' man isn't going anywhere either.

  • "Mercury" poisoned actor Jeremy Piven first called in sick while holed up with his new model-waitress girlfriend. He supposedly gathered women's phone numbers and sent a mass text reading, "Come to my room - whoever responds first gets me for the night." Quite the courter! [Gatecrasher]
  • Here's a fully bearded Marc Jacobs making out with his boyfriend on the beach. [X17]
  • Not only is Angelina Jolie not pregnant, she may be incapable of having any more babies at all. At least not for a long time. But only if you trust OK! more than Springfield movie-theater-line gossip.
  • Ad jerk Donny Deutsch is for some reason kissing the stepmother of the guy whose wife he's screwing. Or maybe Page Six means "mother-in-law" instead of "stepmother?" So bizarre. [P6]
  • Jennifer Hudson might sing the national anthem at Obama's inauguration. [P6]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went to Puerto Rico to prove they're not getting divorced. At least not before Valentine's Day. [E!]