Whether you're a handsome benefactor or simply a curious reader, our list of the biggest, most-viewed stories Defamer published this year has something for everyone. Mysteries! Nudity! Hasselbeck! Won't you take a look?

10) Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Sobriety By Dropping Trou For 'NY Mag'

9) Megan Fox As Naked As Allowed By Canadian Film Regulation Law


8) Katie Holmes Marathon Mystery Deepens With New Questions About Unidentified Runner #6074: Updated

7) The Kristin Davis Sex Tape: The Graphic Novel


6) Joan Rivers Ejected From British Talk Show After Calling Russell Crowe A 'F***ing S**t': With Video!

5) DEFAMER EXCLUSIVE: Backstage Elisabeth/Joy Blowup Rocks 'The View'

4) Dolly Parton Threatening To Sue Howard Stern For Tossing Her Lovely Audio Book Into A Filth Salad (NSFW)

3) Mini-Me Sex Tape Conclusive Proof That Our Civilization Is Doomed

2) Paris Hilton's Tear-Drenched Super Bowl Defeat

1) The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don't Want You To See