Yesterday America fell to its knees, wailing, because Time Warner threatened to pull several networks off the air because of a spat with Viacom. Well it's all over now so return to the couch, sheep.

Viacom wanted TW to pay higher fees to get stations like Nickelodeon, VH1, MTV, and Comedy Central. TW was like "no, we'll just take your stations off the air starting January 1, so there." Of course there was no chance that this would last any real length of time, because Viacom really needs all that sweet Time Warner cash and Time Warner is not about to listen to the millions of you who would be placing angry calls to their customer support line whining about Jon Stewart and Spongebob and the visible holes their absence leaves in our sad, media simulacra of lives. So of course they have now caved and come to an agreement without any interruption of these particular stations of flickering pictures.

All is well. [Pic via]