Karl Rove wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. The best present he got this year was a photo of some "bearded and scruffy" Navy Seals.

On Christmas Eve, I received an email from Afghanistan, with thanks for helping to facilitate the tour. Attached was a picture of the videographer and his team, ready for that night's mission. Bearded and scruffy, covered with weapons and standing in a rude shelter, they were all wearing bright red Santa Claus hats. It was the best gift I received this Christmas.

Then he went to "The NSWF Dinner" and watched a video of some Seals "snatching and grabbing" in Afghanistan and he promised to send the video to the president.

Juvenile larfs aside, Rove is a vile scumbag and his roly-poly delight at the fact that young men permanently scarred by his mismanaged office pet projects don't feel sorry for themselves is our national disgrace.