Blago faces impeachment! The embattled Illinois governor is about to become even embattleder, as the Illinois House rushes back to work (next week).

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan—whose daughter Lisa is the Illinois Attorney General, a political rival of Blago, and a possible Senate candidate herself—called on lawmakers to go back to Springfield next Wednesday for a rushed impeachment vote (that may take until January 13).

Following that simple majority vote (predicated on US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's playing of additional recorded evidence to a House investigative committee next Tuesday), the impeachment heads to the Senate where they'll "rush" a trial. Then, pending a successful two-thirds majority vote, Blago will be impeached, finally. This will take a year.

Meanwhile Blago's appointee for Obama's vacant Senate seat, Roland Burris, is on a collision course with wackiness! Where "wackiness" means "a Senate that will refuse to seat him." The 111th Congress begins its session on January 6, and they have no real legal ability to just not seat a legally appointed Senator, so sources say Majority Leader Harry Reid will just stall for a couple months, if necessary. Of course their job is easier if either Blago or Burris or both resign, which they won't.

The Senate also hopes Illinois' Lt. Governor will appoint a candidate of his own, or something, so they can pick which one they'll seat, whenever they get around to seating anyone.

So this should all be over by either mid-January or maybe March or maybe in 2010.

(Meanwhile Rahm Emanuel's seat is still open and no one seems to care!)