· The Oscar race may be all over the place, but at least the Razzies have a clear front runner this year. Still, a slickly packaged FYC spot never hurts. [via TotalFilm.com]

· Not enough tragic celebrity-offspring-death news for one day? The coroner's findings say Dr. Dre's son died of a heroin and morphine overdose.
· Resolution encouragement: Ricky Gervais thinks people who get gastric bypasses and lap band surgery (hey—that's us!) are "lazy fucking fat pigs" who should "stop eating, get off your arse and go for a run."
· This year-in-review quiz from today's LAT was extremely entertaining.
· The latest fake-memoir to pull the wool over Oprah's eyes has inspired this slideshow of famous literary hoaxes. We always had our suspicions about Misha, but our desire to believe there might have really existed a Holocaust-surviving weregirl trumped all rational thought.