Defamer's Week in Review: Artie was enshrined, Tara rehabbed, shots were fired, 2008 ended, and much more — after the jump. Have a great weekend!

· We remembered 2008: The videos. The passings. The politics. The hits. The favorites. And Viggo Mortensen couldn't buy a break. Seriously, thank God that's over.
· Kathy Griffin prepared for her New Year's heckler meltdown as anyone might: By having a word with Defamer.
· James Cialella — Benjamin Button shooter and American hero.
· Under no circumstances did Promises admit Tara Reid as part of a "buy four rehab stints, get your fifth one free" program.
· It's always the geek children who get hurt when their studio parents clash.
· The much-awaited collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Diablo Cody went about as well as could be expected. On the bright side, we can always fall back on Bromance.
· But the collaboration between Spielberg and Andy Warhol? That's entertainment.
· Kirk Cameron was the leading man in 2008's biggest indie hit. And he didn't even need to chase a stupid, money-crapping dog to do it.
· Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick were discovered to have fallen prey to alleged Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. But it could be worse: They could be repped by Dane Cook's brother.
· Pssst, buddy — wanna buy a gossip blog?