Bill Richardson was going to be our new commerce secretary, but now he's not going to be that thing, because of some ongoing investigation back in New Mexico.

He just had a press conference and for some reason the only network that played it live was MSNBC, and they appeared to have snuck in a pinhole camera and hidden it in someone's lapel, because the shot they used was a blurry mess filmed from an odd low angle. It was bizarre. No other channel bothered to sneak a webcam in, or whatever MSNBC did.

Oh the scandal he is involved in? Some donors got a nice government contract. It is basically How Things Are Done Everywhere but you know the feds are investigating and it probably would've made for a messy Senate confirmation, especially with that scandal's resemblance to various things Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did.

Of course the real reason Richardson is not going to be the commerce secretary is because he was actually hoping for an appointment of great importance, like perhaps Secretary of State. But he's not really smart enough for a position of actual importance.

Let us all wish a sad goodbye to Bill Richardson, who was almost our first Mexican President, but no one liked him.