Doctors this afternoon completed Jett Travolta's autopsy, the details of which haven't been (and likely never will be) released publicly. But another Bahamian insider passed his death certificate details to the AP anyway.

We're not sure if the candor of medics and funeral home staff in the Bahamas is just part of the regional flavor or what, but if it wasn't before, it definitely is after Restview Memorial Mortuary assistant director Glen Campbell disclosed that Jett's death certificate lists "seizure" as the 16-year-old's cause of death. He had no signs of head trauma, hematoma or other symptoms of a blow he was suspected to have suffered at the time of that seizure — and which were described by the EMT chief who administered to him the morning of Jan. 2.

"He tells The Associated Press that the body is in 'great condition,'" according to a report. "Campbell said the certificate was based on the autopsy findings, and gave no information on the cause of death beyond the word 'seizure.'" And ET sends late word over the transom that Jett will be cremated, with his ashes delivered to his parents tomorrow before their return to Florida. The end. We think. We hope.