After hilariously bumping Ann Coulter from Tuesday's show for Perez Hilton, NBC's Today asked the conservative simpleton on the next day, an olive branch she accepted with grace and wit. Hahahahahahaaa.

No actually Coulter went on Fox's Hannity & Colmes tonight and, reports TVNewser, said the following:

I think I'll accept and then cancel at the last minute... I know the whole thing was a set up to block me from other TV shows.

Right, except Coulter is already booked on CBS' The Early Show.

We think she'll accept, and at the last minute go on the show. It's a much better deal this time around: The appearance has been hyped by Coulter's leaks to Drudge et. al. and, crucially, Coulter won't have to share the green room with Perez Hilton. (Even more crucially, no one will have to share it with the both of them.)

This whole stupid booking foofaraw serves everyone, really: Coulter moves a few extra copies of her dumb book; Today snags a few extra viewers; and the Barack Obama voter gets to shout down the conservative straw-man (err, woman?) on the TV, trying to interrupt America's honeymoon with the pesident-elect.

(Oh, and everyone else gets something to write about during the holiday no-real-news hangover.)

(Fox News Channel image via TVNewser)