The holidays apparently sucked for romance, because many people are breaking up, including no-longer-engaged Jennifer Love Hewitt, fresh-minted divorcee Patricia Arquette and maybe perpetually platonic A-Rod.

  • Alex Rodriguez is not that into Donna Karan. Yet. But she can follow him around, hopefully, while he follows Karan's Kabbalah buddy Madonna around, hopefully. [P6]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt and fiancé Ross McCall broke up over the holidays. The Ghost Whisperer star prefers to think of it as crossing the Scottish actor over. [People]
  • Patricia Arquette, the "Medium" star and Nicolas Cage ex, filed for divorce from Thomas Jane. Apparently four-year engagements don't bode well for the future. [Enquirer]
  • The Daily News will have you know that Jeremy Piven used to be nearly BALD. In 1995. (Photos or GTFO.) [Gatecrasher]
  • Paris Hilton promised to name her first girl "London" and threatened to move to the UK so her kids have "British accents and manners." [Sun]
  • USA Today founder Al Neuharth's journalism charity is giving money to a Florida adoption agency. Sure, his ex-wife runs it, but orphan journalists don't place themselves. [P6]
  • Spike Lee is "on welfare" compared to real rich people. "Rich is Spielberg. Lucas. Gates. Steve Jobs. Jay-Z!" Poor guy flew to the Bahamas in coach. [P6]
  • If you're going to foreclose on Ed McMahon, you're going to have to get past his attack poodle. [TMZ]