Are a you laid off media person? Have you joined The American Society of Shitcanned Media Elites (ASSME)? You should, because they're a seriously legitimate organization now. They have T-shirts and everything!

Every sad laid-off blogger (or other media type) type will love this 100% cotton navy blue T-shirt that features the irreverent, Obama-skewering line "Yes We Canned." Plus, giving good souls that they are, they're giving all the profits to charity. God bless 'em.

The fun times group had a swell open bar party recently for all the newly jobless to commiserate and get drunk. And while we can't exactly say that we hope to join their fine organization, we were bummed we couldn't attend the party.

And now we're even more bummed because we can't wear the T-shirt. What if it was donned in noble solidarity? Would that count?