Martin Eistenstadt, that fake pundit/McCain adviser who supposedly started the whole "Sarah Palin didn't know Africa's a continent" thing, has gotten a real life book deal.

You'll remember that Eisenstadt is, in fact, a fictitious, satirical figure, a character created by two men (Eitan Gorlin and Dan Mirvish) who did a good job of fooling people for a while with his "The Last Republican" YouTube videos and making an ass of David Shuster. People were always so ready to believe in him! Because the election was already a complete work of sci-fi fantasy.

Ultimately Gorlin and Mirvish were aiming for a television show, but now that the election smoke has cleared to all but a wisp, they've been forced to settle for a measly old book deal. We received the tongue-in-cheek press release today, in which the pair addresses America. In the voice, of course, of Martin Eisenstadt:

I’m delighted to have an opportunity to put to rest the disinformation put out by The New York Times that the Palin/Africa claims are a hoax and that I myself am the creation of two opportunistic filmmakers, Eitan Gorlin and Dan Mirvish,” said Eisenstadt. “Even CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ perpetuated this ridiculous canard. The story has been picked up around the world. It’s time to clear my name and set the record straight.

So it's more jokey haha's for everyone, with mock-serious punditry and politicking not seen since last night on The Colbert Report. This is why hoaxes suck these days.

Photo from Eisenstadt's blog