· Remember that humiliating night when you had wayyyy too much to drink, and you started speaking in tongues, thinking every slurred, nonsensical sentiment was completely hilarious? Neither does Terry Bradshaw.

(That said, he kind of starts to win us over somewhere around the Jay-bashing halfway mark, which we'll attribute to our own anti-Jay bias, or the fact that we're drunk, too.)
· We're guessing this poor dude dangling from a Vail chairlift with his pants down and his pecker hanging out really wishes he could put it all behind him—something that might take a little bit longer than predicted thanks to high-quality digital imaging and the magics of the internet!
· Here's a look at Jeff Bridges's book of photography from the set of Iron Man, including documentation of his traumatic head-shaving. [via Goldenfiddle]
· Madonna's vagina is around four feet wide with razor sharp teeth which can devour a large Louis Vuitton handbag in one gulp.
· As Bush winds down his last days in the White House, we're still in utter disbelief that Cookie bin Monster has yet to be found.