It regrettable quote day! Josh Broslin called Russell Crowe an "asshole;" Lily Allen defended cocaine; Sumner Redstone bragged about sex and 30 Rock's Rip Torn insisted the ground was drunk, not him.

  • Don Geiss of 30 Rock?Drunk driving. In the wrong lane. Before insisting "the ground wasn't level enough." [Fox News]
  • After some drinking, Josh Broslin told film critics that Russell Crowe is an "asshole" and that the Times' chief theater critic is a "motherfucker." [P6]
  • Before his recent divorce, Sumner Redstone loved to overshare about boning his wife, ruining dinner for everyone."If they show up 15 minutes, half an hour late, they might say, 'We had sex four times today!'" [P6]
  • Lily Allen on media bias: "I know lots of people who take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work, but we never hear that side of the story." [Sun]
  • It might seem like Paris Hilton gets around, but she's actually only had sex with "a couple" of guys. (In front of a camera. We're pretty sure she forgot to add that qualifier.) [Sun]
  • Brad Pitt clarified that he romanced Jennifer Aniston's replacement Angelina Jolie in a very classy way, during and/or immediately after his divorce. [P6]
  • Michael Jackson has six months to live, supposedly. [Enquirer]