We finally learned who Bush booked in the Blair House instead of letting the Obamas stay there. And—surprise!—it's a major-league asshole.

The one accomplishment listed in President Bush's fantasy novel about his "successful presidency" (he battled dragons!) that we can actually all be proud of is "Directed unprecedented preparations for a smooth presidential transition." But of course he had to screw that up in some small way, because that's how he operates, and so he didn't allow the president-elect to stay in the traditional pre-inaguration home of the president-elect, Blair House. The Obamas needed to move in this week to get their kids in school, but Bush's people said Blair House was already booked. Sorry, Obamas!

Well now we know who's staying there: hated former Australian Prime Minister Yahoo Serious John Howard. John Howard, Bush ally, is such an asshole, that when the new Prime Minister finally issued an official federal government apology to the indigenous people of Australia, the only living former Prime Minister who declined to attend the ceremony was, you guessed it, John Howard. That is pretty assholish even for an Australian.

Also he lied Australia into Bush's stupid Iraq War.

He is at the Blair House because Bush is giving him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Fellow hated war liar Tony Blair is getting one too.