Cops are leaking details of their investigation into incoming State Senator Hiram Monserrate's little face-slashing incident.

Monserrate's girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, required 20 stitches for a gash over her left eye, and she initially told a doctor that Monserrate attacked her with a glass after discovering something in her purse (either drugs or "a card belonging to another man"), but then she came to her senses and declared it all an accident. Monserrate says he accidentally tripped while bringing her a glass of water, which you are free to try to work out the logistics of in your mind for a minute or two.

Cops seized the glass in question, and now they're summarizing Monserrate's apartment building security camera footage to the Daily News. It's all pretty gruesome.

"No one can look at the security video and think that this was an accident," said a law enforcement source who saw the footage. "The woman looks scared out of her mind and trying to get away from this guy."

The video shows Giraldo grabbing the apartment's front door as Monserrate tried to drag her out of the building, sources said.

Other video clips show Giraldo clutching a towel to her injured left eye and banging on the door of a neighbor's apartment for help, sources said.

That neighbor, Carolyn Loudon, 46, said Tuesday she heard Giraldo banging on her door but was too scared to open it.

She said she is used to noise coming from Monserrate's unit, but the ruckus was worse than usual on Dec. 19.

"It was frightening," Loudon said. "I heard screaming and then banging on the door."

Yes, sounds like your typical trip to the hospital following an accidental glassing to us.

Still unanswered: what was in Giraldo's purse? Early spin from people familiar with Monserrate's defense say they had a struggle over drugs (as Monserrate is a Scientologist, the drugs could be anything from cocaine to Xanax), but now there is this weird "card," according to these police sources.

Oh, and what a shock that this former cop—who was discharged from the NYPD with a "psychological disability pension" and whose religion forbids him from seeking medical treatment for whatever psychological problem he has—is scaring his neighbors with terrible noises at all hours of the night.

Anyway today Monserrate will be seated as a State Senator. He's "currently slated to chair the Consumer Protection Committee." (Consumers are advised not to date Hiram Monserrate.)

Incoming New York State Senate leader Malcolm Smith is making a remarkable number of deals with a remarkable number of devils before the new Senate has even begun their important work of not getting anything done.

The Democrats finally achieved a majority in the State Senate and Smith was supposed to be the majority leader, but then a couple bigoted old bastards declared that they'd defect from the party unless one of their anti-gay own got to lead the Senate instead. Within days of caving, Smith un-caved, and the Senate leadership was in doubt. Well, he caved again, only a little less so. The dissidents all get to chair committees!

What a wonderful first day of the new Democrat-controlled New York State Senate we are all having.