Barack Obama had to have lunch with a bunch of boring old white guys today. Was it a round-table discussion on the future of the media? No, it was the presidents' lunch.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter all had to stand in a line and get photographed, because Obama wanted to have lunch with all the surviving presidents and Bush thought it was a great idea, and now it will probably become some sort of bullshit tradition.

So enjoy this odd clip of everyone being smiley and awkward! No one wants to stand anywhere near poor Jimmy Carter. Bush Jr is trying to edge in front of Barry Hussein. Then, because the moment was not surreal enough, Bill Clinton says to Bush Jr, "I love this rug." Really? Bush says "yeah it's really neat" or something, or maybe "yeah it's awesome, it's a totally radical rug." Yes probably that one.

Oh, and guess what:

The lunch also represents one of the few times Vice President Dick Cheney has been left out of a big White House event. But in a radio interview with CBS News, Cheney said he doesn't feel left out.

"No, I'd love to be there, but the vice presidents weren't invited." He said today's lunch is "just for the big dogs."

Weird. America is weird.