Because every excellent, original TV series must have an inferior ripoff on another network: forget Mad Men, the new advertising-centric drama is Trust Me. On TNT! Your new Don Draper: that guy from Ed.

It also stars Eric McCormack from Will & Grace! Trust Me is brought to you by a pair of real life ad industry veterans, so you know it's good. It replaces Mad Men's smoky 1950's vibe with a modern-day "top-ranked Chicago ad agency," staffed by, among others, the guys who were on Will & Grace and Ed.

You may recall that NBC tried to rip off The Sopranos with a miniseries called Kingpin, which, you know, did not go down as an all time classic. Using another show as a peg like that is a great way to sell an idea, but doesn't guarantee it'll be any good. I used to think that this was because HBO allowed sex and cussing and networks didn't, so network shows would always be inferior. But Mad Men is on AMC, so maybe there's a mysterious "actual talent" element at work here. Also, they make up for the lack of nudity with copious smoking. In any case here's a preview clip of the guys from Trust Me; the Draper-like sexiness fairly oozes from their pores: