As Sayid on Lost, Naveen Andrews usually leaves nutty paranormal theories behind when he heads for the mainland. During a custody case in Los Angeles today, though, he had to deal with a whopper.

Andrews was warring with his ex Elena Eustache, with whom he previously shared custody of their three-year-old son Naveen Joshua. After Eustache took him out of Los Angeles County without permission, the two met up again in court, where Andrews won full custody. However, TMZ says that things get much weirder:

We're told Elena has alleged Naveen's girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, practices witchcraft and that Naveen and Hershey have poisoned the boy. In response, Wasser asked the judge to order Elena to undergo psychiatric testing.

Elena brought the boy to court. After the ruling, the bailiff took the boy from Elena and gave him to Naveen, who left the courthouse with Hershey.

Under the new order, the boy is allowed to travel to Hawaii where Naveen films "Lost". He can be accompanied either by Naveen or Hershey.

After the hearing, Elena told TMZ, "I can't believe celebrities and their money. They always get what they want."

Sorry, Elena: if there's anything we've learned from Lost, it's that babies rarely stay in the possession of their mothers. Better to have claimed instead that Naveen Jr. was actually sired by a frequently missing blond Australian girl (and that Barbara Hershey was a collagen-harvesting Other)—the Lostpedia laws offer some pretty sizable loopholes.