Producers may be able to use the SECRET results of a second doctor's exam against "mercury" poisoned Jeremy Piven. Also, Oprah is maybe having a SECRET party.

  • Jeremy Piven was examined by a second doctor at the behest of angry "Speed the Plow" producers, who aren't disclosing the results. But they are disclosing they are thinking about going after the actor to get money from him to cover their potential losses. [Post]
  • Oprah Winfrey isn't hosting an inaugural party of any sort, much less the giant to-do that had been rumored. Or is that what she wants you to think?
  • The real life-inspiration for Ken, the doll Barbie's plastic buddy, was in the closet. He was also "humiliated" by the doll's lack of genitalia. Just to tip the scales further toward tragedy, he contracted AIDS and died in 1994. [P6]
  • Taylor Momsen of "Gossip Girl" ate at a restaurant in Maryland, where "nobody" in the restaurant recognized her. This is according to a tipster who recognized her and took the time to contact a newspaper, in New York. This item refutes itself. [P6]
  • Roseanne Barr: "Israel is a NAZI state." [P6]
  • Anne Hathaway finally took new boyfriend to an awards show as her date, and held his hand. She's taking it realllll slow. At least until her team of PI's is done vetting him. [People]
  • Tori Spelling will be in the 90210 spin-off. Assuming her deal is finalized. [People]
  • Oprah Winfrey is listed as one of the Scientologists attending John Travolta's private memorial service. At least until this story is corrected. [Sun]