Ha! You know Nevan from The City? (Oh you don't? He's socialite cast member Olivia Palermo's fey cousin.) Well, it seems he has a police record for soliciting a prostitute in Miami.

So warbles the New York Post's Page Six this morning. Apparently Nevan Donahue (all the way left in that photo) was nabbed back in 2007 and given probation and 75 hours of community service. When he failed to complete the service, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

We've no idea if it was a male or female hooker, but for what it's worth P6 calls him "ostensibly straight." (While I called him a "shrill pile of chicken bones," so take that as you will.) A rep for MTV says "we had no knowledge of his arrest," and Nevan's people had no comment.

So, oops! How Uptown of you, Nevs!