You knew this, but there's a shitload of Queer in the real world: Gays, Protogays, Ex-Gays, Don't Ask Don't Tells, and M2Fs have all been accounted for in MTV's Real World: Brooklyn.

No doubt much bloggie ink will be spilled discussing dramatic centerpiece Katelynn, a surprisingly well-adjusted, recently post-op transgender ("My brother went to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery and all I got was this lousy etc etc..."). While she flies under the radar of fitness model housemate Scott at the airport, Iraq War vet Ryan's highly attuned trannydar quickly clues in to the fact that Katelynn might be harboring a bepenised past. Someone needs to crack out the Jäger bottle, fire up the hot tub, and get this pansexual fuckfest going already.

Some more gay-themed clips follow from the rainbowiest season of Real World ever: