Oh, look, it's a self-described 1980s radical casually explaining how he turned our president-elect into a Black Panther who got, uh, "open minded" at "jazz concerts," hint hint.

See, back in the day, Barack Obama was just merrily going along his dorky way, at Occidental, a California college, for hippies. He wore OP shorts (ha!). And he was named Barry.

Then he started hanging out with this Eric Moore, and suddenly Moore is telling him how Barry is a terrible name "for a brother." Next thing you know Obama is going to protest marches and "cultural events" (read: hippie reefer fests), and emphasizing his African Islamic roots with his birth name, Barack.

Obama's been open about his misguided youth, but this guy has pictures. And thanks to an Occidental booster with a videocamera, Ben Smith at Politico and the Jason Linkins at Huffington Post, so does the world. Excerpts from the scandalous video are up top; a photograph missing from the excerpts is below (via HuffPo).