Did you know that hip hop videos have been scientifically proven to subtly embody everything you need to know about the state of US popular and political culture? Proof in four easy examples:

MODERN DAY: Homeboy Sandman, "Lighting Bolt"
UNDERLYING MESSAGE: With a nation in financial crisis, this is no time to spend wantonly on fancy special effects. Let's just celebrate the fact that we're all here, together, on the subway, and elsewhere.

1997: Biggie, Puffy, Mase, "Mo Money Mo Problems"
UNDERLYING MESSAGE: Money ain't a thing. There is so much of it to go around, our problems are concerned with how much of it we have, rather than our lack of it. America will rule the world forever.

1993: YZ, "The Return of the Holy One"
UNDERLYING MESSAGE: Times are hard. I spend most of my time standing on piles of urban rubble, in simple clothing, sometimes holding a handgun. Nevertheless, I believe we must all unite to overcome this horrific, post-apocalyptic crack-ridden hellscape.

1990: YZ (same dude!), "Thinking of a Master Plan"
UNDERLYING MESSAGE: Reagan is gone, and now it's all about consciousness, togetherness, and the struggle for freedom. Makes me want to dance! Sure, George Bush #1 sucks, but Mandela, worldwide freedom fighters, etc. Holding a handgun and standing amidst piles of rubble couldn't be further from my mind. [Note: YZ is off the hook regardless].

[Note #2: Homeboy Sandman is my main man]