The train wreck that is the thread "What an UNbelievable JERK!" on dating site is spreading quickly via Digg, Reddit, etc. It's real, but might as well be scripted.

The discussion is about a bad date arranged online. But from the very first post, which takes an unexpected turn halfway through, the thread itself offers drama, an unfolding series of revelations from the original poster and her date, who also chimes in. The commenters are, of course, alternately hilarious and loathsome. Even if it were a work of fiction — guerilla opera? — the discussion would still be compelling.

That's not to say the whole thing isn't kind of predictable and, ultimately, sad. About maybe 100 posts in, anyone should be ready to concede to advice columnist Carolyn Hax's warnings that online dating is just generally a terrible idea.

Except maybe for the awesome stories it leaves you with.

[via Nick Douglas]