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From the least surprising news ever file: Maureen Dowd flirted with the guy from the FX show Damages, which sums up everything about her, maybe?

This is from last night's "TimesTalk" (the thing Choire went to!).

A tipster writers: "[Damages actor Tate Donovan] met Times reporter Maureen Dowd at an event and she said, 'I'm obsessed with your show.' Tate cracked, 'I'm obsessed with you. So we're dating.'"

Hah. Of course the show is about (NB we may have this wrong because in truth we have not watched FX since the days when they played awesome old Mission: Impossible reruns non-stop) a scheming brilliant powerful professional lady who'll stop at nothing to succeed in a man's world, and then she tries to kill her young lady protege. So watch out whoever Maureen Dowd's protege is! (Ha ha like Maureen Dowd would ever hang out with girls.)