· There's some hilarious, Anchorman-esque bickering going down between the members of this NBC morning news team.

Specifically, the aptly named traffic reporter Megan Meany and anchor Jeff Rossen. Jeff—maybe you should double check what's coming off the teleprompter in the days to come. [Thanks to Gawker Intern Shannon Donnelly for this.]
· Exciting news on several Defamer alumni fronts: Mark Lisanti is blogging about the Oscars for VanityFair.com, Mark Graham is blogging for Vulture, contributor Nick Malis's website Cute Things Falling Asleep has exploded in a big way, and, last but certainly not least, Molly McAleer has launched her new web show, called The Molls Show!
· While we thought she was on live-TV probation after the disaster that was Rosie Live!, Liza Minnelli will make a cameo on the Neil Patrick Harris-hosted episode of SNL tomorrow night. (Hopefully doing something that involves Andy Samberg and as much nudity as the censors will allow.)
· It's a Pinkslipberry bloodbath! A tipster writes: "So Pinkberry corporate laid off 12 of their staff. Most of them were the original employees that helped built their company. So much for loyalty and dedication huh!" We thought they were getting a little stingy with the Fruity Pebbles, but we didn't want to say anything.
· Ray Liotta is fully aware he's having a bad hair day, thank you very much.
· Caroline on Crack lists their favorite cocktails in L.A. We are now going to begin hunting each one down until we've tried them all. We suggest you do the same.