Repellent-to-a-humorous-degree Post columnist Andrea Peyser is an example of someone who, ironically, arrived at populism by way of xenophobia and overall distaste for mankind. Today she properly directs her venom at Graydon Carter's stupid school.

Greenwich Village High School, you'll recall, is the celebrity-backed mediacentric private school that will elevate downtown teenage educational inanity to previously unforeseen heights. Somehow, and I'll be damned if I know how, Andrea tricked someone at the school into letting her inside and giving her a tour, though any casual, ESL, outer-borough, blue collar Post reader could have told them that she only wanted to slip inside to suck the blood of the young and spew it out unto her imagined public. These kids are "Doomed," she says! This is the most "pretentious and pricey high school since those insufferable brats danced in 'High School Musical!'" There are no desks, not to mention no X-Ray cock!:

Well, here's another reason to feel lousy about yourself, New Yorkers: The rope line has been moved to the ninth grade.

Hey New Yorkers: today, Andrea Peyser brings you yet another reason to feel lousy about yourself. Thank her later.

[NYP. By contrast, we arrived at populism by way of lack of ambition and a desperate need for approval.] [Also, Andrea Peyser personally sent me this photo of her to replace our old, sterner photos. Here you are, Andrea.]