Jeremy Piven was looking well at the Golden Globe awards last night. Seemingly recovered from his recent suspicious mercury poisoning, he told an interviewer that the illness just left him like really wiped-out, man.

Roger Friedman—from, gulp, Fox News—had a quick chat with the Entourage actor, who abruptly up and quit the Broadway production of Speed-the-Plow in which he was starring last month, citing mercury poisoning. From eating too much sushi and stuff! Piven told Friedman:

I was so sick for most of the run of the show. Some days I would sleep right until the time I had to go to the theater. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was exhausted.

Hm... You know what else makes people sleep all day? Snorting a lot of cocaine and then staying up all night sending booty-call text messages to bevies of models. That has also been known to make a person want to sleep late into the afternoon. Not saying. Just sayin'.

Friedman does note that Piven's ironclad contract would prevent him from leaving the show without an accurate medical report. To that we say, good thing he has a fishy celebrity doctor in his back pocket.

Though, yes, Piven did seem healthy and chipper and past all of it last night (he even warmly commented on playwright David Mamet's crack that Piven wanted to be a thermometer), we know that his troubles may not be over yet. Can't a guy who's made millions of dollars and won lots of beautiful awards for basically playing himself just get a damn break once in a while?

Image, from a Golden Globes party last night, via Splash