Staff Sgt. Derrick Brooks, 26, looks enough like the handsome president-elect that he's already kind of a big deal. Barack Obama doesn't see the resemblance. Jealous much?

Obama said Brooks' ears were too small in comparison to his own, i.e. Brooks is a bit less of a freakish dork than the Harvard Law-educated, BlackBerry-obsessing president-elect. But Brooks was similar enough in height, weight and skin color to be selected for the very important "mission" of standing in the cold for hours on end at the inaugural dress rehearsal Sunday.

Brooks is very proud to be connected to " a historical moment... that's only going to happen, one time."

But of course he has done such an excellent job that he'll probably now be transferred from his elite beret-wearing Army unit to the Secret Service, to be Obama's body double/bullet catcher forever, until one of them dies. Attaboy!

(Thanks to tipster "Rebecca" for sending this in.)