· Funny — from the way Ann Coulter makes it sound, you'd think she thought her latest work's comparisons to Mein Kampf are accidental.

· "I was going to say that when I got the DVD for Schindler's List, one critic said, 'You should have a box of tissues ready.' And I was going to say, 'That sounds a bit sick!" See? Saving jokes like that until after he left the stage is precisely why Ricky Gervais would make a bad Oscar host. [via Vulture]
· There are many reasons to be annoyed by Renee Zellweger. Thankfully, last night she made it easier for us to explain in a nutshell.
· How do we know the Watchmen negotiations are going well? Well, Tom Rothman and Alan Horn did pat each other on the back last night.
· Golly, we're hungry. Who's up for some bacon desserts?