Original Wonkette Ana Marie Cox has landed a gig at Air America radio. Maybe all those appearances on the Rachel Maddow Show finally paid off. With a job!

AMC was briefly forced to beg for donors to support her journalism after her Radar gig collapsed (along with the entire magazine). No matter!

Air America Media (www.airamerica.com) has hired Ana Marie Cox as its first Washington, D.C.-based national correspondent, travelling the country to profile people and stories illustrating life in America. She will contribute text, video and audio content to airamerica.com, as well as to a weekly program to air on Air America’s radio network.

Ana is going to the home of American darling Rachel Maddow. Who has Ana on her MSNBC show frequently now. And they're obviously pals—in the clip below, Maddow even offered her a ride home! Did Rachel Maddow give her the hookup for her new gig? We have no idea, but it's an angle. Congrats to Ana for finding a media job, America's most precious natural resource.