Even though Hope came along and was supposed to kill it, negativity still plagues this nation. Take this weekend. Rather than celebrating Barack Obama's Antichrist-like ascendancy, you guys are throwing Bye Bye Bush parties.

That is, you know, if Facebook is to be believed. Just doing a simple search for "Bush" in the Events application yields dozens of listings for "End of an Error" or "Bush Bash" parties. Everyone is so happy to burn the outgoing terriblest-president-ever in effigy and get drunk and feel the cathartic shift of soul-crushing pessimism being reduced to an act of remembrance! It seems a bit like yelling angrily while a new baby is being born (maybe the Scientologists are onto something there), but whatever. In some ways the getting rid of Bush-anger experience is probably more powerful than the "omigod, new Change!!!" one. At least we know for sure that the leaving is actually going to happen.

So why not throw one for yourself? Michael Musto knows where to get supplies.