The question isn't why crazy-corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached; it's why it took so long. It turns out the guy has a popular touch! A very popular one. And an update!

An undated photo of Blagojevich signing the rack of a youthful female voter — hey, he was reaching out to important demographics! — is making the rounds on Facebook. The picture appeared in the collection of CJ Dugan, a Chicago-area animator. We're not sure if he took it, or just reposted it from elsewhere. But what we really want to know is what's in the censored part — all the more suspicious after Blagojevich deleted his own Facebook account. Destruction of evidence!

Update: We just heard from Dugan, who is the mystery photographer! "I was clearing out my iPhoto library and found it," he tells us. The photo, he says, is from September 20, 2008; he noticed a crowd gathering at the Cubs game and snapped it as he walked by. And the weird blocked-out portion? "That was just my flash on someone's shoulder." Darn! There goes that conspiracy theory. Dugan reports he's newly popular on Facebook, including a friend request from Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rich Miller.

(Photo by CJ Dugan)