It's been a while since we checked in on Jimmy Fallons's Late Night rehearsal webisodes, so let's see what he's up to. He's... uh. He's... not doing much.

I'm still not entirely clear what end these means are supposed to achieve, other than, I guess, to raise the Saturday Night Live yukster's profile before he takes over Conan's shift in March. You know, cause like his profile a few months ago was pretty much nonexistent.

The webisodes are cute and whatnot. He seems like a relatively nice guy. But they're not really funny—certainly not stay-up-til-12:35 funny. He goes back to his hometown. He does stand-up at Florida State but doesn't really show us any of the actual stand-up. He answers reader questions vaguely and with mostly a straight face. Maybe they'll get more frantic and less staid as D-Day approaches, but right now it's just like having a semi-famous guy relaxingly talk to you about nothing for a few minutes a day.

Which might mean that our grim prophecy about these videos hurting more than helping, on the good chance that they turned out to be not all that funny or interesting, is kinda coming true. And what of that simple idea of just trying to raise his profile a bit? The most-viewed video, an "Ask Jimmy" segment from all the way back in December, only got a little over 5,000 views. Not so hot. I'm sure curiosity hounds will stop by and watch an episode of his TV show in March, but Fallon could be casting a much wider net. By being, you know, funny and stuff. Rather than being obsessed with convincing us that he really is a nice guy. We get it. Now make jokes.