Hollywood PrivacyWatch: Special Polo Lounge-Madness Edition

Went to the Polo Lounge this past Friday for lunch with a friend, fancy I know, but it was on his work account. Anyway...

TOM CRUISE was having lunch with about 15 other people, including his mom and craaaazy sister. It was a corner table outside. I was inside, just watching so couldn't hear what they said. They all had champagne, but I couldn't tell which kind, Moet I think. He had a salad. I think it's called the MacArthur salad, or something like that. He did not make eye contact with anyone in the restaurant when he left, despite my open staring at him. He did say goodbye or thanks or something to the hostess when he left. He was in all black and didn't look short or anything. I think he looked actually pretty good, sorry. I was super bummed Suri and Katie weren't there.

After Tom left his mom came back to the resaurant with five of the women from the lunch and they had what looked like a business meeting. Scary. HEIDI KLUM and MARK WAHLBERG were also there, at different tables. She was pretty, but mildly boring. JEREMY PIVEN walked in through the restaurant twice, but he didn't stay. [Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers; send your sightings to tips@defamer.com.]