There's been plenty of talk about celebrity decadence at various Golden Globes-themed parties. But one trusted tipster caught a glimpse of the dark side of Hollywood amid the awards-show buzz.

Watching actors, soused on booze or just recognition, pal around from the Globes stage, it's easy to assume that Hollywood recognition translates into a comfortable life, that fame is the same as fortune.

But it's not always so. Take Brad Beyer, a top cast member in CBS' Jericho, the post-apocalyptic drama cancelled after an 18-month run. Fans loved the cult hit enough to convince CBS to give it a second try after an earlier cancellation.

Such a brief run did not allow Beyer, who originally hails from Waukesha, Wisconsin, to bide his post-cancellation free time next to the pool, waiting for his next opportunity.

Well, not his pool anyway: Our tipster sweats it was Beyer — "a bit heavier" in the nine months since his show was canceled — he saw working as a bell boy at the London Hotel in West Hollywood this past week. Perhaps the fringe benefits of the job include some time alongside the hotel's rooftop pool, though we doubt that. In the hospitality industry, the help generally do not get to mix with guests on their off hours.

The A-list is not nearly so constrained. The same night Beyer was spotted, Mickey Rourke was seen at a party thrown by oily Jason Binn's LA Confidential, wearing "shiny orange shoes" and stubbing out a cigarette inside the venue. Naughty.