· There's so few genuinely subversive acts out there anymore that when we actually came across one, we were stunned silent.

The set-up: It's some reality show on TruTV (formerly CourtTV) called The Principal's Office. Two male students, Brandon and Logan, are brought into the titular chamber to discuss the grinding epidemic plaguing recent dances. This is definitely one of those clips that rewards repeat viewings. We're currently fixated on how the blockhead principal ducks out of their kiss goodbye, as if they've tried it on him before.
· Don't fuck with Angelyne. Angelyne will cut you. Then run you over with her little pink Corvette.
· Rejoice, despondent Pushing Daisies fans! (Do they have a name yet? How about Pie-Holers? Hmm...That's filthy. Pie-Holers it is!) A movie could be in the works.
· The resplendent Richard Rushfield is blogging a new season of American Idol for the LAT, adding to an impressive body of work that has yet to win a Pulitzer. The campaign starts here.
· "At the after-show party, she insisted on using me as her taxi, riding about the green room on my back. She only stopped when somebody brought in a basket of puppies, which she killed with a hammer. All the staff had to cheer every time she cracked one of their tiny skulls." Gee—we knew The Weakest Link's host was a bitch, but we had no idea. [via b3ta]