The rumored Lily van der Woodsen as a teen Gossip Girl spin-off is going to happen. It will be set in Los Angeles in the 80's, at "the height of the Valley Girl craze."

That sounds like a fun kind of time capsule. I had honestly forgotten about the Valley Girl craze. Do you remember that craze? Wait. Didn't everyone hate that craze? Wasn't it the basis for like, a million jokes that festered and died around 1998? I think so. But, oh well. If Mad Men is any indication people really like searing period dramas, which the new show is bound to be.

Rufus will not be making any appearances, at least not immediately. But there will be a sister character. The pilot will air on May 11th, as a stand-alone episode of Gossip Girl. Much like when they did that 11-year-long preview episode for the eventual Frasier series. So aren't you so excited?

Maybe Kelly Rutherford, who plays grownup Lily vandervee on GG could make a cameo as Future Lily. She's currently stuck in LA anyway, and if her nasty custody battle goes on any longer, she might be written off the show. So she'll need the work. Yowsers and yikes.