What geek girls want in a hookup

Say you score a genuine female technophile from the swarm of wannabes who just want to bed you for geek cred. Now the challenge is keeping her around.

  • Don't "friend" her all at once. If you obsessively add her on every social network the morning after, it'll only make it harder to disentangle later. Think reciprocity: if she posts to Flickr every day and you only have one set of drunk self-portraits, that's not really an equal exchange. If she's the kind of girl who's all over Pownce, Twitter, and whatever else just launched this week, limit yourself to one network that makes sense and then let her decide if she wants to add you to another.
  • Search, don't stalk. Be cautious Googling before the second date. You'll only seem creepy if you start to quote her blog posts postcoitum — even if you don't think her old Geocities site is that embarrassing. The point isn't to build an encyclopedic knowledge of her whole life. Search just enough so that when she does talk about her career, you'll have context and won't have to pretend you're more interested than you already aren't yet.
  • Brag discreetly. Wanting to tell someone about what a great blowjob you got in the bathroom of House of Shields is natural. Just save the story for a few friends you trust, the ones who juggle dating and public life well, or do so with a minimum of bloggable dramatics. With luck they're skilled at being discreet; at worst, they have lovers on the line, too.