Yesterday, we relayed the frustrations of gender illusionist/multimedia mogul Tyler Perry in his search for "Mrs. Right"—one of the many sacrifices one makes on the journey up the slippery slope of fame and success.

In the meantime, he focuses on work. Perry's next offering is the tantalizingly titled Madea Goes to Jail—conjuring images of Mabel "Madea" Simmons in lockdown for illegal weapons possession, where she soon finds a toothbrush-shiv pressed to her larynx at the cafeteria pay phone by the cellblock's Alpha Butch, Lady Em. A lifelong friendship with benefits ensues.

The film's marketing campaign features a variety of one-sheets, each depicting a mugshot image of one of Tyler's many cross-dressing moods. And for your morning WTF? moment, there's also a brooding alternative, featuring a black dove with wings of smoke. Enjoy.