Finally, Mickey Rourke has met his romantic match: Bai Ling, an actress/red carpet fixture/visionary who has the ability to look at two lanyards of approximate nipple-width, then use them as a blouse.

Page Six reports that Rourke was at the Chateau Marmont the other night with Sean Penn (guess they made up!) when he was accosted by Ms. Bai, who beelined toward the actor's melty mug like a moth to a flame made of fame. Then, says the paper, they "made out and partied pretty hard." Aside from the fact that Rourke is a dog person and Bai is devoted to her cat Qiji, we think this is a match made in celebrity heaven. If this doesn't last until Bai crashes the Academy Awards red carpet, we're throwing our votes to Frank Langella.

Still, the rumors about the pair prompted us to seek visual confirmation at Bai's blog (newly retitled "Naked Seduction 永恒的诱惑" for 2009, and why not), and that's where we stumbled upon rival suitors. Sure, there was a picture of Rourke and Bai together, but the camera-hopping starlet showed off equally scorching chemistry this past week with the eclectic group of Ralph Fiennes, John Legend, and American Idol winner David Cook. This can only be settled with a massive, stapler-wielding tag team match at the Red Bank Y. Better start juicing, Fiennes!