Verne Troyer has finally found something even more embarrassing than appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in a foreign country: being forced to wear a Winnie the Pooh costume on that very same show.

The erstwhile Mini-Me had tried his damnedest to inject some poignancy into the escapades of the British reality show, but Big Brother was not having it, instead forcing him to dress up as Pooh and eat an entire jar of honey despite his protestations that it was making him fart. Apparently, the British sense of camp springs from that painful intersection where D-list excavation and humiliating punishment collide (we're sure VH1 is taking notes). Want more proof? We leave you, then, with this quote from the Daily Mail about the episode, to which no more can be added:

For their task, Coolio and Tommy Sheridan were made to dress as toy cars and file through a car wash. They stood looking sad and resigned.