Today in Sundance Hell: SAG Clarifies, The Linklater Cult, And Park City Comes To You

The first full day at Sundance is eerily quiet in streets and screening rooms alike, but that's not keeping the snap judgments and quasi-news from cascading in from the Park City press corps:

· It's a dense read, but in a nutshell: SAG sent along a helpful open letter advising indie producers they are not totally fucked if they sell their waiver-aided film to a major studio or its specialty division. Let the gross overspending begin!

· Speaking of which, Movie City News has its own Vegas-style odds on Sundance's likeliest sellers. Currently Brooklyn's Finest and I Love You Phillip Morris share 2:1 odds; our favorite bidding-war candidates Cold Souls and the guaranteed world-shocker Bronson aren't even listed, so you know, grain of salt, etc.


· In a bit of a self-imposed film-criticism hiatus following her distinguished Listy Award triumph, EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum is adapting well to Sundance's environmental-reporting beat.

· When Sundance Hype Goes Right, Vol. XVI: The Guardian's Danny Leigh strolls down memory lane with fest legend Richard Linklater: "Linklater, for all his missteps, is a godsend. No, scratch that - because of his missteps, Linklater is a godsend. His work since Slacker has not delivered anything like a consistent vein of greatness, but a ragbag of genres as wilfully random as any film-maker anywhere."


· When Sundance Hype Goes Wrong, Vol. MCLXXXIV: If you don't think The Greatest is in fact the greatest, fest director Geoff Gilmore would like a word with you.

· Can't join us in Park City? Here's your consolation prize: 10 downloadable short films on iTunes. You can thank us later.