...Because he's still going through with this pretend "quitting acting to become a rap star" chicanery. In fact, THR has broken more news about this supposed life trajectory that we are simply refusing to believe:

Casey Affleck will track the musical career of Joaquin Phoenix behind the lens of a camera.

Affleck is directing a documentary feature on Phoenix, his friend and fellow actor who last spring decided to swap the thespian business for a musical one.

Phoenix is embarking on a new path as a rapper, with an album to be produced by Sean Combs. He is scheduled to make his first public performance Friday at a Las Vegas club, which will officially kick off Affleck's shoot.

Ok, first of all, we know that's inaccurate: Phoenix debuted his new career at the Funkmosphere in Culver City almost two months ago, and Affleck was taping him at the time (we've got pictures!). Second of all, Diddy? No. This is a ruse, Hollywood! Even worse: it's a mockumentary! The only thing more played out than that genre is...well, actors releasing albums.