Drama and pissiness in the morning! A tipster tells us that some staffers at Good Morning America think a former executive producer ripped off their work to help get himself a book deal.

According to our (unconfirmed) tipster, Ben Sherwood—the former GMA producer who was rumored to be going to CBS earlier this year—was a given a "plum on air spot" on GMA next week to plug his new book, The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life. This has pissed off GMA's bookers, who are allegedly still mad that Sherwood (according to our tipster) took a bunch of the bookers' contact info for various "survivors" that GMA had interviewed with him with he left the show in 2006. Those contacts helped him get his book deal, our tipster says—and he didn't even thank the GMA bookers in his thank-you section. Now those angry staffers are complaining to ABC higher-ups about giving Sherwood quality time to promote his book, which they feel they helped him get, with no reward. So if you see Ben on-air next week, you can be sure there are a bunch of angry ABC employees just off-camera.