Could an SNL Digital Short go viral just for being bad? That is the only reason we can imagine last night's "A Couple of Homies" ever made it to air.

Before Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Andy Samberg's short films were pretty much the only thing Saturday Night Live had going for it when it came to buzz. "Lazy Sunday" basically made Youtube into a company Google thought was worth $1.5 billion. NBC executives can't stop crowing over how "Dick in a Box" represents their online future. And people seem to like "Jizz in My Pants", even though it just proves that the principle of a sequel always being worst than the original applies to dick humor, too.

The joke at the heart of the "Laser Cats" series was always "it's so bad it's funny," but the effort last night — in which Will Forte sings over two guys doing boring things like high-fiving and drinking sodas, before he shows his ass (you've been warned) — has to be some inside joke. Right? Even on a particularly horrible episode of SNL, this plumbed new depths of wtf?-ness.