Overheard At Sundance: Sunday, January 18th

In the space of ten minutes yesterday, we brushed past Joe Francis and Paris Hilton (and might have acquired a secondhand STD)? For our Overheard Comments feature, though, we're bypassing them for Ewan McGregor.

Outside a spa suite on Main St, 4:34pm
Gay Journalist: I actually had a long talk with a Mormon woman today about Prop 8.
Man: Where did you find her?
Gay Journalist: She was doing my nails.

Outside Park City Pizza & Noodle, 4:45pm
Knit-Capped Hipster #1: Girlfriend number seven?
Knit-Capped Hipster #2: More like girlfriend number syphilis.


Coat Check at I Love You Phillip Morris After-Party, 11:48pm
Guy Who's Clearly Never Met Ewan McGregor Before: Good job, Ewan, man! Good job!
Ewan McGregor: Thanks!
Guy Who's Clearly Never Met Ewan McGregor Before: Why was I laughing so hard, Ewan? Why was I laughing?
Ewan McGregor: Dunno!