Obama's inauguration being held on the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. day? Historic! Moving! And, for corporate America, a great chance to get a two-for-one deal on its annual "We Love Diversity" ads.

It's quite simple, really. Most evil multinational corporations are forced, by custom and the demands of PR, to buy ads every MLK Day featuring some sort of montage of differently-colored people, with their logo and a message like "ExxonMobil: We employ black people." But more eloquently stated.

Full page ads aren't cheap! So Obama has performed a great service this year. See, he is black; his inauguration is the day after MLK day; so companies can hold their diversity ads, run them tomorrow, and celebrate both their wondrous commitment to racial harmony and our wondrous new racially diverse president!

The proof is in the pitiful lack of full-page diversity ads in the Times A section today. Seriously, is this all the love corporate America has? Ha, no silly, tomorrow there will be an outpouring of love for our new black president—and love for him is de facto love for Martin Luther King and many other diverse human beings! Just watch. In the meantime, at least Colin Powell made an appearance in one of today's ads. Wouldn't want to forget him, on this day.

Update: This one ran on the back page of the Arts section, but seemed worth including.